• I have a switch. I connected a PC and WD MyBookLive to it. WD MyBookLive is a personal cloud which has one ethernet port for transfering data and no wifi.
  • The switch is not connected to a router. These three devices form an isolated network
  • I can open the Admin portal for the switch using its default IP address (
  • I fixed the IP of my PC (
  • Now I need to open the portal for MyBookLive.

I found that

  • In the Admin Portal of switch, it shows the MAC address of MyBookLive. But no IP address information.
  • MyBookLive’s indicator is green, which shows it is ready for connection.
  • When I connect the PC and MyBookLive to a common router with DHCP, I can access it straightway using hostname mybooklive.local
  • But when they are connected to the switch, I cannot.

My questions:

  • Is there any way to determine the IP address, or does the switch assign IP address to the devices connected to it in the first place?
  • If no, can I connect to MyBookLive using its MAC?
  • Does it matter if I set the gateway of my PC to the IP address of the switch in order for these three devices to communicate?

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