1029 a record high new cases for Sydney / NSW (Australia’s largest population city and state)


The surge in infections is centred in Sydney and New South Wales state – the epicentre of the current wave along Australia’s eastern seaboard.  

From neighbouring state Victoria earlier:The last couple of weeks or so in NSW: 

  • 356,344,345,390,466,415,478,452,633,681, 644, 825, 830, 818, 753, 919 and today: 1029

Of the :

  • 185 are linked to a known case or cluster
  • 91 were in isolation throughout their infectious period
  • 33 were in isolation for part of their infectious period
  • The isolation status of 844 cases remains under investigation 
  • Doing the mathematics, up to 935 of today’s cases were infectious in the community … this is the sort of horror number that is fuelling further rises, there is no end in rise to growth at this pace

Regional NSW lockdown extended to September 10 (at least)

Onto something a little more encouraging …

  • The total number of vaccines administered in NSW is now 6.28m

This via the NSW government today outlining the first steps out of lcokdwon in about 3 weeks time:

nsw steps out of lockdown


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