We started out with hot-take predictions and ended up in theological and ecclesiastical conversation.

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24 thoughts on “2022 New Year's Predictions with Fr. Steven DeYoung and other Randos and Bridgers”
  1. Great stream! Some of my predictions on UFOs, postmodernism, tech, alienation and being seemed to be danced around. Thanks for that! I also loved the authenticity discussions. Happy New Years!

  2. 29:12
    JBP will go Pentecostal because we’re the most psychedelic. Worship with bright, colorful lights, smoke machines, loud music and glossalalia. It’s the closest thing to a sober ayahuasca ceremony this side of the of the Rio Grande!

    He would observe, study, contemplate… then Boom!

    ShambalaBambalaHevteyomestifababababa… 😂

  3. I like those ''thief in the night'' streams Pastor Paul, we get surprising topics and spontaneous interactions, but it's not scatterbrained or chaotic. My intuition for 2022 : the so-called reenchantment will be further integrated into the economy and be sort of ruined yet accelerated at the same time. The line between philantropists and grifters will be blurred yet there will be more of both.
    A topic you've been throwing at us a lot lately got me thinking : I think the Peterson fixation on the Catholic church is mostly a function of numbers. Statistically, it's currently half the christians on the planet. If you're thinking about helping as many people as possible, it could be a good idea to look there. It's also a very big market to tap into for the JBP business. By the way, I wonder how he's doing in the latino demographic and if his tour is targeting that demographic or not.

  4. That was a charming couple of hours spent! Really enjoyed the thoughtful and playful interactions, and the perspectives from around the world. Thank you all, and happy New Year!

  5. Now I'm at 1:31 I have to say fascinating. There is a HUGE crossover right here. When working in a therapeutic environment, I have found it of great importance to be able to suspend my own belief in of any particular churches, religion, etc. and let God show the client to me. My job is to reflect back to them what they have shown me. Accurately, immediately if in crisis, or dangerous situations. I follow Gods Love, as I offer honest feedback. Wow thank you all for that! Happy New Year!

  6. Energy shortages, wars over energy sources. Food shortages, wars for fertile lands. Shape up, God willing we will prevail. Look at the past, it will be our future. We have forgotten Him. We lost our humility, grew bold and reckless. Did not see patterns unfolding, did not react. It is now too late to change the course, we plundered the past riches and have nothing useful to replace them. I asked for the truth in my prayers and i now got a glimpse of why the monks on mount Athos can lose their mind in the prayer. I got far more information than i can process and what i got to see is just a small glimpse of the complexity enveloping us. Sorry for the rambling.

  7. To Julian’s question and Father De Young’s response: harmony.

    Not identitarian replication. Genuine difference with harmony & unity. This takes care of the conservative impulse to return to the imagined romantic period(s).

  8. Paul, this made me want a one on one conversation with Fr Stephen De Young😱
    There’s more in there that could be mined from you two considering your backgrounds. Hope it happens😃

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