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6 Passive Income Ideas to Make $10,000 Per Month in 2024

6 Passive Income Ideas to Make $10,000 Per Month in 2024

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Looking for ways to make passive income and reach financial freedom? In this video, Brandon Carter will share 6 passive income ideas that can help you make $10,000 per month in 2024. These are practical ways to start making money today!

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0:00 Intro: Passive Income
0:31 What you’ll learn
0:40 Increase your hourly rate
0:58 What qualifies as passive income
1:53 Passive income as an investment
3:28 Passive income difficulty
3:40 Passive income is not 100%
4:02 Types of Passive income streams
4:12 First passive income : Selling Options
4:24 Traditional passive investing
4:46 Brandon’s way of selling options
9:44 Selling a covered call
11:09 How much Brandon makes selling option
11:56 How long it takes brandon to sell options
12:05 The goal to passive income
12:30 Free course coming soon
12:43 Second passive income – Dividends stock
13:15 What you need to start making passive income
13:30 Third passive income – Email Newsletter
13:36 Brandon’s email newsletter – Big Money Methods
13:43 How to monetize an email Newsletter
14:02 Email Newsletters that have sold out
14:38 What you can do to make money from newsletters
14:50 Getting passive income with money or media
15:06 Passive income – Money
15:29 Passive income – Media
15:47 Brandon’s first YouTube camera
16:23 Making money from YouTube revenue
16:32 Brandon’s YouTube revenue
17:21 Picking the right niche for YouTube
17:43 How long Brandon has been on youtube
18:44 Fourth passive income – Car rental
19:48 Fifth passive income – Business investments
20:54 Brandon starting business
21:32 Summary
21:46 Outro



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