6 Years at 4 Different Companies Taught Me 6 Invaluable Lessons | by Manish Jain | May, 2021 – DzTechno

Sounds interesting, right? People quite frequently change jobs in the software industry. Gone are the days when you see someone working for a company for eight or ten years. The trend has changed, and therefore, the approach is also changing.

To be able to learn continuously, you need to put yourself in challenging situations. If you are not getting challenged enough at your current workplace, it is time to move on. Finding a new job is relatively easy, assuming you are quick to adapt.

There are startups, mid-sized companies, and big organizations that are continuously hiring — even right now. While that is good news, it brings in a lot of other problems like adapting to the new company, new culture, and team. It’s worth mentioning that adjusting to a new company and making new connections can take some time.

To survive and thrive, it is quite crucial that you have a goal that doesn’t get affected by all of this. Your goal should drive your change. Whenever you have options to choose between offers from companies, try to always compare them against your goals.

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