A Spiritual Renaissance

The trumpet has sounded. The clarion call has been issued. A spiritual renaissance is in the offing. The Renaissance from the 14th to the 16th centuries was a revival in learning across Europe at that time. It promoted the advancement of learning to such a degree that its effects can be felt to this very day. In the same vein, there is another renaissance brewing in the spiritual field and its reach is getting wider by the day. The 21st century is about to unfold a spiritual renaissance in which the advancement of soul learning will be the ‘in’ thing.

Spiritual healing can be defined as matters pertaining to the ‘inner man’ or spirit. The Oxford Dictionary defines spirit as soul thought of as separate from the body; soul without a body; ghost. Another definition that deserves merit is life and consciousness not associated with a body. Thus, spiritual healing is to revive and energise the soul to function to its fullest capacity thereby enabling an individual to achieve harmony, equilibrium and oneness with nature and his/her surroundings. Ultimately, the society benefits in the long run by the appearance of such souls in its midst.

Although spiritual healing has been practised in its various forms by people in the East, its revival is taking place instead in the West. Western society is beginning to appreciate the powers of the spirit and benefits accruing to it. Souls in the western society are much more ‘matured’ and able to ‘tune’ in more quickly to changes in the spirit world. The souls here are hungrier for more information and knowledge in spiritual matters. This is evidenced by the advent of psychics, healers using different forms of energy all geared to the advancement of the soul. In short, the West is a suitable environment for such a revival/renaissance.

An individual who is imbued with spirituality is well on his/her way to a spiritual awakening. Such individuals permeate their energy and enthusiasm to other members of society. Some of them eventually become healers whereby they administer healing to other souls. Healing others is a major responsibility that requires years of prayers and meditation to achieve. It is no walk in the park. These spiritual healers are ‘guided’ in their daily tasks and know what to do in a difficult situation. These spiritual healers are in every race, religion, culture and nation on the face of this earth. They are around to promote godliness and peace.

My journey into the spiritual world began very early in my teens. It began in the form of spiritual suffering. I was a victim of spiritual witchcraft which is widely practised here in the East. I was continuously harassed and taunted by the demonic beings for a few years. Their taunts became more severe as the years passed.

Faced with the possibility of death, I resorted to the final device at my disposal – prayers. I began to pray earnestly and sincerely to overcome this malady. It was a ‘do or die’ situation and there was no turning back. My very existence depended on these prayers. After a space of a few months, I noticed a tremendous change in myself and my situation. The taunting of the demons became very mild. As my faith in my prayers and myself increased, the demonic beings became weak and started to falter. Now it was my turn to harass the demons. In this way, I discovered (after much suffering) the true weapon to combat evil – prayers. Not long after this discovery, I found out that I had the GOD given spiritual capability and ability to help others in the same predicament. Hence, my spiritual healing journey began and I have not looked back since.

Source by Ranjit Singh Thind

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