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Apache Etch: Efficient and feature-rich network services

Apache Etch: Efficient and feature-rich network services

By Holger Grandy

The talk introduces the Etch framework and shows the simple steps which have to be done to enable an application to be used as a network service. It shows the features of Etch, such as fully bidirectional client to server communication, synchronous and asynchronous calls, data modelling, error handling and performance. The talk gives an overview on the Etch architecture and the implementations of different language bindings, such as Java, C#, C and Go.

Etch is a cross-platform, language- and transport-independent framework for developing RPC-like network services. It includes a network service description language for service and data modelling, a compiler, and binding libraries for a variety of programming languages. It supports bidirectional one-way and two-way communication as well as blocking and non-blocking service calls, has high performance and scalability and is easy and intuitive to use. Clients and servers can run in a wide range of contexts (such as thin web client, embedded device, PC application, or server).

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