Apple iPhone patches are out – no news if recent Wi-Fi bug is fixed – Naked Security


It’s already nearly two months since Apple’s last security update to iOS 14, which was back on 2021-05-24 when iOS 14.6 appeared.

So we weren’t surprised to see that another patch is out, officially listed [2021-07-19] as covering iOS (now on 14.7), tvOS (now also 14.7) and watchOS (now on 7.6).

Annoyingly, there’s no mention of iPadOS, which has typically been listed on the same line as its related iOS update in recent Apple security reports.

Until iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, released as separate products for phones and tablets respectively in September 2019, both types of device ran iOS and therefore inevitably received their updates at the same time. Older, officially supported iPhones and iPads that can’t run version 14 both still run iOS 12 (there is no longer an official build of iOS 13), which is a common product for both phones and tablets. However, iOS 12 updates have typically been appearing out of step with iOS/iPadOS 14 updates recently, so if you have an iOS 12 device, there isn’t an update for you at the moment.