Mon. Oct 25th, 2021 – Subscribe Today! In part 1, I cover IPv6 addressing on the local network with link local addresses. How to configure the router and PC hosts with IPv6 link local addressing and test the connectivity. The tutorial is designed for beginners who are new to IPv6. Part 2 will cover global unicast addressing and how to configure it.

The tutorial is done using the new Packet Tracer 6.0 and corresponds to the Cisco CCNA 5.0 curriculum.


36 thoughts on “Basic IPv6 addressing with Packet Tracer 6.0 – Part 1”
  1. Hi Dan,
    At about 7:30 your pinging one of the router’s Link-Local addresses; But how would you know which Link-Local address you’re pinging, as you configured both router I/F’s with the same Link-Local address❓What am I missing❓
    * NOTE *
    Never mind…I get it now…the Link-Local is ONLY per each network segment or ‘Local’ link…

  2. another question:
    "why did you use on the command ping and not "ping" "ipv6?
    and what is the diffarnce betwwen tham?
    "it is possible to ping ipv6 address from only "ping" command or i nedd to do "ping ipv6

  3. I have to set the same thing up but I have to use 3 routers, 3 switches and 3 PCs. But I dont have enough interfaces available on the main router. What can I do to have at least 3 interfaces on the main router?

  4. Following these instructions, I can ping from the PCs to the router, but I can't ping from the router to the PCs. But once I have configured a global address for the router interfaces, it works. I'm very confused, because I thought the router would be able to ping other link-local addresses on the same network, but that doesn't seem to be the case? It only seems to work from PC to router – not the other way around. Am I doing something wrong, is this the way it is, or is this a quirk of Packet Tracer?

  5. Hi dan I am student from India.Your videos really helped me..
    i got one doubt in this video.i have set up a network with two pcs and one router
    i have enabled ipv6 unicast routing in router with gateway as fe80::1.instead of connecting pc to router via switch
    i connected it directly.when i pinged router from Pc with gateway it is not replying
    but with switch connected in middle as in video it is working ..can you please clear my doubt

  6. At approximately 2:04 in the video the automatic link local IPv6 address is created from the MAC address on the PC by inserting FF:FE into the address and flipping the 7th bit in the host identifier so x0090 in hex turns into x0290 (290 abbreviated). To see how, convert x0090 into binary (0000 0000 1001 0000) and flip the 7th bit from the left to (0000 0010 1001 0000) now convert back to hex, and you have 0290 

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