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Discover how you can create unparalleled augmented reality experiences within your apps and games on iOS and iPadOS. We’ll show you how to work with powerful frameworks like ARKit and RealityKit, bring your AR scenes to life with creative tools like Reality Composer and Reality Converter, and take advantage of LiDAR Scanner depth data.

Explore the LiDAR Scanner for iPhone and iPad

Discover how you can take advantage of the LiDAR Scanner on iPhone and iPad to create AR experiences that interact with real-world objects. When you pair the LiDAR Scanner with the ARKit and RealityKit frameworks in your app, you can instantly place AR objects in the real world without scanning and take advantage of depth information to create experiences with real-world physics, object occlusion, and lighting effects.

Advanced Scene Understanding in AR

Visualizing and Interacting with a Reconstructed Scene

Creating a Fog Effect Using Scene Depth

Displaying a Point Cloud Using Scene Depth

Creating a Game with SceneUnderstanding

Discover ARKit and RealityKit

ARKit 4 enables you to build the next generation of augmented reality apps to transform how people connect with the world around them, while RealityKit is Apple’s rendering, animation, physics, and audio engine built from the ground up for augmented reality. Both frameworks help developers prototype and produce high-quality AR experiences. Explore an overview of each framework to learn more about building a great augmented reality experience for your app or game, including harnessing the LiDAR Scanner on iPhone and iPad, tracking faces for AR, and more.

Explore ARKit 4

What’s new in RealityKit



Explore the ARKit Developer Forums

Explore the RealityKit Developer Forums

Learn more about ARKit and RealityKit

LiDAR is only one aspect of developing for augmented reality. Dive deeper into ARKit and RealityKit to discover how you can add new dimensions to retail experiences, or pair these frameworks with Machine Learning and Computer Vision to create even smarter apps or games.

Augment reality

What’s new in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

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