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Bricker Builds LEGO Mario Life-Sized Sculpture
Bricker Builds

Be honest—you’ve always wanted a life-size LEGO Super Mario statue haven’t you? Now, thanks to a clever (though unofficial) site, you can get an instruction manual and all the bricks you’ll need to do just that. The colorful statue is a must for Mario fans.

The project comes from a My Own Creation site called Bricker Builds, who dreamt up the build and wrote up the plans. LEGO doesn’t have this build on its site, and since it’s pretty cool, it’s understandable that someone somewhere wanted to build and share it. And for what it’s worth, they have a few other cool builds up for grabs as well, like this Robot T-Rex from Horizon Zero Dawn or this Pikachu sculpture.

Bricker Builds artists think up clever designs then transform them into intricate 3D models in their proprietary Bricker software. They attempt to create the most accurate models as possible, so they closely resemble whatever the inspiration is, even if they require specialty pieces.

Now when we say life-size here, we do mean in Mario’s world, not ours. The statue measures two feet tall once built, which, with its roughly-5,000 blocks, still offers you a lengthy challenging build that won’t result in a creepy looming statue that stares at you from a dark corner every time you get up in the middle of the night to go grab a cup of water.

Interested? The Mario Life-Sized Sculpture is available now for pre-order on the Bricker Builds site for $899 for the bricks and instructions, or just $65 if you only need the instruction booklet. There’s also a coupon, “PowerUp21” you can enter at checkout that’ll save you $75 on Mario and his Power-Up Mushroom when you buy the bricks for both sets.

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