Can Stay-at-Home Moms Be Software Engineers? | by Nuha Khaled | Jun, 2021 – DzTechno

The main issue with most SAHMs I know is that they didn’t plan for this lifestyle. They realized that their babies’ needs differ from what they thought before motherhood. So, they usually cannot find an alternative, as the decision to be a SAHM happens when the baby is three months old and the mother is in a pressure zone.

Planning to be a SAHM before even being pregnant makes everything different. You have the opportunity to work on creating a profile on top freelancing websites, you can learn how they work, and you can gain clients. You have the chance to learn more and open potential opportunities that you may use later.

Software engineering is a field that can fit SAHMs perfectly, as we can work remotely and flexibly. With that said, it requires lots of planning and preparation. So the earlier you decide to work on making more opportunities available to you, the easier the alternatives will be for you later on.

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