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If you liked the sunglasses that Johnny Storm wore in “Fantastic 4”, then you like Arnette sunglasses. You don’t have to be a famous movie star to be able to afford to wear them because when you shop for Arnette sunglasses online, you get the guaranteed lowest price.

Arnette sunglasses are made using only the highest quality materials. The lenses in these mens sunglasses are made from polarized polycarbonate making them extremely lightweight. They have exceptional UV protection making them very easy to wear, whether you are surfing or snowboarding. Arnette sun glasses are also perfect for fishing, golfing or for playing baseball.

When buying Arnette sunglasses men can choose from two different types of frames – grilamid and metal. The grilamid mens sunglasses are nylon frames. This type of frame for sunglasses helps them retain their original shape in extreme temperatures. With the rubber nosepads your sun glasses won’t fall off in the water when they get wet because this material gets sticky when wet and keeps your sunglasses safely in place. This innovative feature makes Arnette sun glasses very popular with surfers.

Even within the Arnette line of sunglasses, there are many different styles to choose from and many different colored frames and lenses. Arnette sunglasses all feature APX technology for high performance sunglasses. This means they are perfect not only for water sports, but for snow sports and sports where there is a possibility of getting hit, such as in baseball.

In essence, these mens sunglasses are safety glasses, especially if you have your prescription for vision included in the lens. The interchangeable feature of the Arnette sunglasses lets you have your prescription included. You just have to send it along as an email attachment when you order the Arnette sun glasses online.

Some of the customers who really love the Arnette sunglasses are involved in motocross and motorcycle riding. They say that this is the favorite type of all the mens sunglasses on the market. The sunglasses all carry the Arnette warranty against defects in the workmanship and materials, so you know you are looking through quality when you are wearing these sun glasses.

Arnette sunglasses, fashionable but also high quality.

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