cisco – Attempting to configure a community throughout 3 lecture rooms with solely layer 3 switches and a firewall


I’m slowly loosing it however thats why this website exists, to hopefully assist maintain me from completely snapping. Anywhooo, so I used to be tasked by my networking trainer to try to configure our classroom networks. We have now 3 (present, 4th one midway throughout the college is deliberate to be added finally nevertheless I’m not anxious about that proper now)
Relatively then have it make some sense at have one excessive capability enterprise router, and three L2 switches, we as an alternative solely have 3 (one for every classroom) L3 Cisco switches (I can not bear in mind the precise mannequin, it has 4 10gbps SFP slots and 48 gig ports, if that helps in any respect) and I am attempting two issues proper now. For starters, we’re planning on doing load balancing and failover with pfsense for our firewall, and I’ve completely no clue what would even be the correct means of configuring that. the second factor that I’ve some clue on however am nonetheless confused as all may be, is methods to correctly break up the community up, and configure the ip’s on the switches. I’ll connect a CPT screenshot of the tough format of the community and I hope it helps. Thanks
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