Cisco Nexus Data Broker Now an App on Nexus Dashboard and Ready for Enterprise Networks


Cisco Nexus Data Broker has seen tremendous success and traction with data center customers since its inception. Our customers really liked the idea of using the same Nexus Data Center switch for building the packet broker network for their monitoring needs. They didn’t need to invest in additional skill development to manage purpose-built packet broker appliances. They could streamline the procurement and availability of spares and stock in their inventory. And they benefited from a much lower price point compared to the purpose-built packet broker appliances.

Data Broker Controller as an App on Cisco Nexus Dashboard

 the next stage in evolution of Nexus Data Broker. Let’s start with the name change. We are changing the name to Nexus Dashboard Data Broker or exus Dashboard Data Broker. Why change the name? With the latest release, we have made the Data Broker Controller application available as an app on Cisco Nexus Dashboard (Figure 1) 








Figure 1. Nexus Dashboard and Nexus Dashboard Data Broker

When you go into Cisco DC App Store, you will find the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker app to download and install. We are in the process of making all Day 2 applications run as services on top of the Nexus Dashboard platform and we did this with Nexus Data Broker. This new model of Data Broker Controller software distribution and run time .

There’s no need to download additional software from a download center for the first or future upgrades. The Nexus Dashboard Data Broker app is like a smartphone app, installed and upgraded directly from the Nexus Dashboard in the app store.

Nexus Dashboard Data Broker for Enterprise Networks

With the newest release of Nexus Dashboard Data Broker, we are expanding the scope of Nexus Dashboard Data Broker to enterprise network deployments, including campus and branch locations.  You can create a copy of the traffic using test access point (TAP) or switched port analyzer (SPAN) from Cisco Catalyst to Nexus Dashboard Data Broker solution (Figure 2). We have simplified the deployment of the Nexus Dashboard Data Broker solution for enterprise networks further by automating the SPAN configuration from the Nexus Dashboard Data Broker Controller via Cisco DNA Center or directly on Cisco Catalyst switches. I am really excited about extending the benefits of Nexus Dashboard Data Broker to enterprise networks.











Figure 2. Nexus Data Broker for Enterprise Networks

Introducing Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion Layer 1 as TAP in Nexus Dashboard Data Broker Solution

Another exciting new capability we’re announcing is the addition of Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion Layer 1 platform as a TAP device (Figure 3). With it you can use the TAP functionality provided by the Nexus 3550-F Fusion switch with complete automation of TAP configuration from the Nexus Dashboard Data Broker Controller GUI.








Figure 3. Automation of TAP Provisioning from the Nexus Dashboard

GUI and Usability Enhancements

Finally, I would like to mention the usability and user interface enhancements made to the newest Nexus Dashboard Data Broker Controller 3.10.1 release. The GUI is completely redesigned with the latest and greatest GUI framework and architecture, aligned with Nexus Dashboard and Nexus Dashboard services. This redesigned GUI framework lays the foundation for further enhancements and alignment in the areas of topology and other GUI screens (Figure 4).











Figure 4. New GUI for Nexus Dashboard Data Broker Dashboard

Sneak Peek into Upcoming Releases

What’s next in the pipeline for Nexus Dashboard Data Broker in the next 6-9 months? We will focus on further improving the user interface and the user experience by upgrading the topology to the blueprint and framework provided by Nexus Dashboard. We will also focus on increasing the scale to support more source ports and tool ports to meet ever-increasing demand.

Try It, You’ll Like It

If you are already a Nexus Dashboard Data Broker user, I invite you to try the new 3.10.1 release and see the enhancements for yourself. If you are not a current user, I strongly believe that we have a great product that solves your packet brokering needs at a very attractive price point and I invite you to evaluate the product for your packet broker infrastructure.

As always, we are standing by to provide you with the necessary resources to make your deployment successful and to listen to your feedback for further product improvements.


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