cisco – Port security Wi-Fi Access Point connected to administration VLAN

Hy everyone !!
I have a technical question for a actual situation, I hope you might be shed some light on the problem.

So I have a wireless AP that is connected to a Cisco Switch. The AP has an IP address that is part of the administration VLAN (suppose it’s VLAN 7). So anyone who connects to the RJ45 socket will gain access to the administration network. I would like to avoid that by creating a mac address filter for the specified VLAN.

The interface on the switch has an IP address assigned to it (vlan 7
(The interface is in switchport mode trunk).

So I would like to allow only the mac address of my wifi AP to connect to the vlan 7 and no other device should have this right.

Do you have any ideas on how may I do that ?
I took a look at the :
switchport port-security mac-address 00.A0.C7.12.C9.25 vlan 7
But I don’t think it would have the desired effect, as I understand it this comand would block all devices and allow only the device that has the MAC address, the device would be discovered only on the interface of VLAN 7.
Sorry if I have a bad understanding of the situation, I am a beginner.

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