Crypto Gold Rush Documentary
What is Crypto Gold Rush
Crypto Gold Rush is a documentary in production about crypto built with crypto capturing the shift to the new evolving world following innovation, people and companies as crypto is adopted within art, finance, entertainment, government and technology in general with the introduction of the Blockchain, NFT’s, contracts and the MetaVerse.

CryptoGoldRush Token
What is CryptoGoldRush $CGOLDR
CryptoGoldRush $CGOLDR token is the documentary and game currency that is used to power the Crypto Gold Rush documentary film production and the up-and-coming Crypto Gold Rush GAME (To be announced).

Once you are holding $CGOLDR no matter how big or small your bag is you are considered as being part of the film CREW. NFTs will be unlocked in Q2 representing your position as CREW.

CREW NFTs will give you privileged access to VIP Film Premier and Ownership Tickets to watch the Crypto Gold Rush premier and meet the team before being released to the rest of the world. The CREW NFT’s will also grant early ALPHA release access to the Crypto Gold Rush Game.

Holding $CGOLDR will also give early access to the Crypto Miners NFT Collection planned to be released towards the end of Q1. Your Crypto Miner NFT will be used directly as your PLAYER in the Crypto Gold Rush Game. Players can spend $CGOLDR to buy consumable game items and tools in the game.

You can find out more and join the CREW here:-


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