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CSS in 100 Seconds

CSS in 100 Seconds

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is the language that makes HTML websites look pretty. Learn how concepts like cascade, specificity, inheritance, and the box model influence the appearance of a webpage https://fireship.io/tags/css/

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The sequel to HTML in 100 Seconds https://youtu.be/ok-plXXHlWw

🔗 Resources

CSS Docs https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS
Flexbox in 100 Seconds https://youtu.be/K74l26pE4YA
Grid Layout in 100 Seconds https://youtu.be/uuOXPWCh-6o
CSS Animation https://codepen.io/ainalem/pen/oNxXRgW

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🎨 My Editor Settings

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🔖 Topics Covered

– What is CSS?
– How does CSS cascade?
– What is specificity in CSS?
– CSS Box Model explained
– CSS for absolute beginners
– What is CSS used for?
– When was CSS3 created?
– Will there be a CSS4?



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