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Data Structures and Algorithms in 15 Minutes

Data Structures and Algorithms in 15 Minutes

Best resources to learn Data Structures and Algorithms:
Jomaclass: https://tren.jomaclass.com

MIT Lectures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtSuA80QTyo&list=PLUl4u3cNGP61Oq3tWYp6V_F-5jb5L2iHb

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I wanted to try and give a general overview of Data structures and Algorithms. As someone who has a FAANG offer, I thought I’d jump start you guys into the coding interview scene with this video.

This video covers:
Arrays, linked lists, BFS (Breadth first search), DFS (depth first search), stack, queue, binary tree, bst, (binary search tree), binary search, graphs, topological sort, dijistkras, heaps, hash maps, collision, merge sort, divide and conquer, selection sort

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