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Digital Marketing 101 – A Complete Beginner's Guide to Marketing (Explainer Video)

Digital Marketing 101 – A Complete Beginner's Guide to Marketing (Explainer Video)

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Digital Marketing 101 – A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Marketing // Hello and welcome to our beginner’s guide to digital marketing. In this video, we’ll be discussing the differences between traditional and digital marketing, the various digital marketing channels you can use, and how to create a digital marketing strategy, this is my complete beginner’s guide on digital marketing.

Digital marketing isn’t complicated once you understand how the various channels work together. Let me simplify all of the key digital marketing channels such as your website, email marketing, social media, paid social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing, and understanding all about the marketing funnel. This is how you can create your own digital marketing strategy from scratch easily and quickly.

Watch this video to understand how digital marketing works as a beginner and I hope that you are inspired to take the next steps in leveraging digital marketing in what you are working on right now.

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00:00 Digital Marketing 101 A Complete Beginner’s Guide
01:07 Free Digital Marketing Plan Template
01:54 Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
02:49 Know Your Audience through Research and Digital Insights
04:14 Digital Marketing Channel: Your Website
04:43 Digital Marketing Channel: Search Engine Optimization
05:26 Digital Marketing Channel: Social Media
05:54 Digital Marketing Channel: Email Marketing
06:21 Digital Marketing Channel: Search Engine Marketing
06:32 Digital Marketing Channel: Content Marketing
06:58 Understanding the Marketing Funnel
08:21 Digital Marketing Data and Insights

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