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Encryption Explained Simply | What Is Encryption? | Cryptography And Network Security | Simplilearn

Encryption Explained Simply | What Is Encryption? | Cryptography And Network Security | Simplilearn

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In today’s video on encryption explained simply, we take a look at why cryptography is essential when it comes to protecting our privacy on the internet. We take a look at how what is encryption, how encryption and decryption works with simple step by step explanation, and move onto it’s core concepts such as ciphertexts, symmetric and asymmetric encryption methodologies, among other things. Finally, we learn about the applications of encryption and cryptography in general in our daily life and usage, starting from secure web browsing to making payments over the internet.

1. Introduction
2. Why is Encryption Necessary?
3. How Does Encryption Work?
4. Types of Encryption
5. Applications of Encryption
6. Live Demo of Cryptography in Action

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To access the slides, click here: https://www.slideshare.net/Simplilearn/encryption-explained-simply-what-is-encryption-cryptography-and-network-security-simplilearn/Simplilearn/encryption-explained-simply-what-is-encryption-cryptography-and-network-security-simplilearn

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Encryption is the process scrambling critical information before transmitting them to a receiver. Using encryption allows users to maintain secrecy and prevent hackers from reading data while it is in transit or at rest. Coupled with decryption, they form the heart of cryptography which forms a critical part of network security around the world.

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