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Episode 99 – Simplifying Multi Cloud Networking

Episode 99 – Simplifying Multi Cloud Networking

In this episode I had a chance to speak with Bryan ‘Woody’ Woodworth around simplifying and securing multi-cloud networking. Bryan is the Director of Solution Strategy for Aviatrix. As we are a few weeks into 2024 and the importance of understanding and utilizing multi-cloud strategies is becoming more and more apparent.

Talking Points:

• What are the current trends in the industry pertaining to multi-cloud?
• Skills Gaps – More pronounced in Multi-Clouds, FinTech and Banking industries will ‘mandate’ what environments you use.
• What are the areas where skill gaps can be addressed
• Secure Cloud Networking Field Report Sneak Peak
• What kind of tools can you give them and creative ideas that you can use them
• Automation is hot but do you know how to prioritize what you automate?
• The glory days of cloud are over and how do you ‘save your pennies’ and still move towards a solid FinOps model
• Constant state of attack that the cloud is under (How can you protect yourself going forward)

Episode Charity:

Proceeds from this episode will be going towards the children’s mental health program at Corewell Health Foundation.

Episode Sponsor:

Aviatrix is a Secure Cloud Networking company based out of Santa Clara California.



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