Everything You Need to Learn R for Data Science | by Benedict Neo | Better Programming | Dec, 2020 – DzTechno

There are a few programming languages that give you the ability to perform data analysis, the popular ones today being Python, R, and Julia.

I may be biased, but I find R the best choice right now, specifically for data analysis. Firstly, it was built for statistical purposes, which makes it perfect for analyzing data. Secondly, the Tidyverse library has all the packages you need to deal with all aspects of data science intuitively,

I especially love the ggplot2 package which provides amazing graphics capabilities and the dplyr piping functionality. And lastly, because it has an amazing community that created lots of cool packages, for all sort of purposes.

There tons of other reasons I can list why you should learn R, but it ultimately depends on your motivation for learning it and also the company you work at. Nonetheless, R is a useful language to learn, and it doesn’t hurt to know at least the basics of it.

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