Home Programming Exactly How I Script & Manifest my Desires | Practical Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires

Exactly How I Script & Manifest my Desires | Practical Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires

Exactly How I Script & Manifest my Desires | Practical Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires

This video is on exactly how I manifest things into my life and how I do my scripting. A practical guide to the law of attraction that explains to you exactly how I consciously and successfully manifested things into my life, from money, to specific people, to achievements, to relationships, to love. I explain my law of attraction journaling and visualisation exercises for manifesting, and how I attract abundance into my life. The video delves into how I do my scripting, how I embody the energy of having my desire and how I detach from my desire in order to receive.

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0:00 – Intro
01:10 – How I do my scripting
06:42 – How I embody the energy of my desire
09:21 – How I detach from my desire to receive



I plan to make many more videos on how to actually practically manifest things into your life, including how to take action or how to actually receive your desire, cultivate self-love, understand your mind, quiet the mind, live in the present moment, embody healthy feminine or masculine energy, create healthy relationships, and so much more… ▶️SUBSCRIBE if you want to know more on CREATING YOUR DESIRED REALITY💫backed by scientific research👩🏽‍💻. HERE TO HELP YOU LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE🤗.

I am a PhD student in Chemical Engineering (University of Cambridge, UK) who also studies the Law of Attraction, Human Psychology, Spirituality, and Quantum Psychics in her free time. These fields are actually all intertwined and on this channel I will show you how these play into manifesting anything you desire. But more importantly: how to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE🔥and CREATE YOUR DESIRED REALITY🌍.

Join me on this journey and become the best version of you🫶🏽


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– Where am I from? I live in the UK but am half Dutch and half Indian and grew up in the Netherlands
– What have I studied? Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology (BSc, Masters, now doing a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK)

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