Many webmasters have given up on paying for traffic to their websites. With growing issues over click fraud and the cost of advertising rising it does not come as a surprise. Many people can only imagine what it would be like to have an abundance of organic traffic. Having hundreds or thousands of free visitors coming to your site monthly can catapult your sales and revenue into the stratosphere. The following three methods can be used for free, and they will get you started towards achieving your free traffic goals.

Podcasting is a newer field of marketing that many are racing to establish a presence in. It is a very simple concept that allows a video or audio message to be passed around the internet and reach an incredibly large audience. It is the same concept as blogging only it is in audio or video form. It is also similar to the video marketing which is happening on sites like YouTube and Google Video. A publisher will make a short audio or video clip usually a few minutes in length and insert a link to his or her website at the end. The file is then placed in a feed as a podcast and submitted to all of the major podcast websites. It can also be uploaded onto video sharing sites for even more exposure. This is all a very simple process that can be done one time and produce results for months and even years to come.

Another method to gaining free traffic that is becoming more and more popular is article marketing. This is when web site owners write short articles pertaining to the topic of their site and submit them to high traffic article directories. These articles which contain a link to the writer’s site are then picked up by feeds and spread over the internet exponentially. This results in a fair amount of free traffic and backlinks. Readers will read the article and sometimes follow the link to the writer’s web site. This free traffic method requires some work, but it can be very rewarding.

Ranking highly in the natural search results returned in the major search engines is another way to gain free traffic. This can only be achieved by having your site optimized properly for the search engine’s robot and having many sites linking to yours. Link exchanges work for gaining more incoming links to your site. Offer to trade links with sites related to your own. Often you are required to place a link to their site on yours in exchange for a link to your site on their’s. Link exchanges help you build free traffic by increasing your site’s Google Page Rank and by bringing traffic from the sites with links to your site. Once you accumulate some quality links you will start to climb up the search rankings and begin to receive free, or organic, search engine traffic.

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