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You would be surprised at the high return just a few reliable security cameras will have on your business. The everyday business owner enjoys innumerable benefits from employing the use of video surveillance. In addition to playing a critical role in workplace safety, but they also help protect against outside break-ins and burglaries. Purchasing just a few security cameras for your business can yield a substantially high return on the minor investment.
Employee Theft
My employees would never steal from me… think again! Believe it or not theft from employees happens much more than many business owners might think. The US Department of Commerce reports that approximately 75% of employees steal. The only definitive ways to mitigate this and reclaim your assests is to catch them in the act via the use of a security camera. Knowing they are being watched holds them accountable and causes them to think twice before taking the risk.
Reduce Insurance Costs
One of the less intuitive benefits of utilize a security system is the money you save on your business insurance. Insurance provider often offer reduced insurance rates for your office or store when you employ the use of video surveillance. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to diminish the cost of your insurance premiums. Assure your insurance provider that you mean business by taking the appropriate steps and employing indoor or outdoor security cameras. Protecting your business from theft makes their job easier and you immediately become less of a liability for them.


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