Golf Shoes: FootJoy XPS-1 Men’s Golf Shoes

FootJoy Golf has always been an innovator in golf shoes and golf gloves. FootJoy has been around since 1857, but was bought out by the Acushnet Company in 1985. Throughout the years FootJoy has been producing top of the line products and has remained #1 in Golf Shoes and Golf Gloves, giving them experience on their competitors in designing top shelf products.

In 2012 FootJoy still holds true with its high standards in manufacturing. This year the company released the XPS-1. The XPS-1 has the most innovations in golf shoe technology to date. The FootJoy XPS-1 is unrivaled on the golf course in stability, control, comfort and looks. Making the XPS-1 from FootJoy the best shoe on the market, hands down.

FootJoy has installed the new Cyclone technology spikes into the sole of the shoe, which gives the golfer more stability from the backswing all the to the follow through, maximizing any golfers swing. The Cyclone also features spring-flex traction giving you extra stability on the greens for a more solid putt, a more solid putt equals to better accuracy, better accuracy makes for more sunk putts. The technology of the Cyclone Spikes can only be found on the XPS-1 and you cannot purchase them anywhere else on the market.

The XPS-1 Golf Shoe itself is crafted from leather, with ECL Leather System Technology. What this is, is proprietary waterproofing system developed with Pittards of England. This is a membrane free leather that is waterproof and FootJoy backs this technology whole heartedly with a 2-year waterproof warranty, offering golfers peace of mind with their purchase. Also, the ECL leather is 30% softer then past generations of FootJoy leather, offering more comfort than ever before.

To compliment the Cyclone spikes from SoftSpike, FootJoy has implemented the Xtreme-Outsole into the very base of the shoe, offering an even more stable platform for golfers either with ankle rolling problems or just looking to achieve more accuracy out of every shot. With more accuracy and stability, start cutting points off your score drastically with a better, fundamental golf game.

The FootJoy XPS-1 is not the cheapest golf shoe on the market, but who would have thought that with all the bonus features this shoe offers. Running at $250.00 if you purchase from the FootJoy website and $219.00 at other locations around the web, the purchase of these shoes will cost you a pretty penny. If you have a few hundred extra dollars available to spend on golf shoes, I say go for it, but if you can’t afford them there are alternative discount golf shoes available on the web.

Source by Richard G Hart

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