Golf Skills You Need to Have for an All-Around Game

I’ll bet you’re a better golfer than you were three years ago. You hit the old shots better, and you have learned a few new shots that you couldn’t have hit then. Fun, isn’t it, when you get into a difficult situation, but you know what to do. Here is a basic list of shots you should have in your inventory that will let you handle almost anything the course throws at you.

Full shots. We can spend our career learning how to hit the ball straight every time, but along the way, there’s no reason why you can’t learn to curve the ball intentionally as well, in either direction. You can learn also how to hit the ball higher than normal, or lower than normal, too.

Once you have done that, put everything together into nine basic shots: high, medium, and low; draw, straight, and fade. Hit the high shot three directions, the medium shot three directions, and the low shot three directions. Some will be easier to hit than others, and some will be easier or harder depending on the loft of the club.

Learn how to hit from uneven lies – ball below your feet, ball above your feet, uphill, and downhill. Learn how to absolutely prevent the ball from going left, and how to absolutely prevent it from going right. Learn how to hit out of fairway bunkers. Learn how to hit out of rough, and its opposite, hardpan lies.

Can you hit the ball 120 yards with your 9-iron, 8-iron, and your 7-iron?

Short game. The possibilities are endless, but learn the basic shots — the greenside chip, the chip from ten yards off the green, the pitch from 35 yards, the pitch from 75 yards, and the basic bunker shot.

Now start refining them. Hit them with different clubs to see how the ball behaves. For example, hit a greenside chip with every club from a 5-iron to a sand wedge, using the same stroke each time. Hit the next two shots with 8-iron through sand wedge, same swing, just to see how the ball behaves. By “behaves,” I mean how far it flies in the air and how far it rolls after landing. Learn how to hit these shots so they stop quickly after landing, and again so they run for a bit. Take notes!

Hit the 75-yard shot with 8-iron through sand wedge using different swings to get different distances with each club. You can even swing faster or slower to get still more distances. It’s OK if distances overlap. There’s nothing wrong with having two or three ways to hit a ball 80 yards.

Learn how to chip out of rough of varying depths. Learn how to hit out of greenside bunkers from varying distances with varying lies.

Putting. Simply put, learn to murder any putt six feet and under. Learn to lag approach putts next to the hole. Learn to be delicate going downhill, bold uphill, learn to read the break you feel, which is not always the same as the break you see.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But if you make this project to be a challenge, and take pride each time you put a new shot in your bag, you’ll be more capable on the course, and enjoy golf all the more because of it.

Source by Bob E. Jones

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