Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and Purell Dispensers – Overview and Solutions

The Center for Disease Control has stated that the use of sanitizing products are a solid way that Americans can prevent the spreading of multiple strains of the flu virus, colds, and other sicknesses along with some diseases. A hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that can be used to reduce the spread of diseases.

There are a variety of manufacturers that build, ship, and in some cases, install these devices. One specific manufacturer is Purell, known to be the leader in the industry, offering many variations of gels, wipes, foams, and accessories that make the products easy to access and maintain.

Purell has various options if you are looking to purchase hand sanitizer dispensers. An option of a Purell dispenser is known as the 800 series bag in a box. This particular product is fastened to a chosen wall (usually near hand-washing sinks, and the consumer presses the button towards the wall it is attached to and a small puddle of sanitizing fluids are dropped into the palm of their hand. The button then retracts so the process can be repeated, or in preparation for the next person to use the product. When the bags of product are used up, more can be ordered and placed into the dispenser.

Other Purell dispensers include the Purell APX aerosol dispensing system case, the 1000 series bag in a box, FMX dispenser, and the TFX touch free 1200 mL. The touch free system has a sensor that detects when someone places their hands under the system, and it automatically squirts the necessary amount of product into the palm of their hands. It reloads in just seconds and can be used once more, or wait on standby for the next person to use.

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a unique product that is intended to make the product easily accessible to all people. You will find them in restrooms across the nation, in restaurants, and homes everywhere. They are a great way to have a sanitizing product on hand (literally!) that will kill germs and bacteria, keeping individuals protected from illness and diseases that can be spread on doorknobs, light switches, shopping carts, telephones, vending machines, remote controls, tools, bathroom usages, and anywhere else various people from the general public may touch on a regular basis. These dispensers are intended to be visible, and easily reached. So look around, and find a place to clean up!

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