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When I started programming, I wasn’t aware of the importance of writing tests. The tutorials that I was learning Django from in the early days didn’t emphasize it either.

Writing tests can be super annoying and tedious at first. More often than not, writing tests doesn’t really help you a lot right then and there.

However, when adding new features or refactoring your code (trust me, it will happen) — especially when it’s been a couple of months — these tests will provide developers a safety net so that they don’t unknowingly introduce new bugs into your software.

To date, I cannot count the number of hours that both unit and integration tests have saved me and my team.

“Obey the Testing Goat”

Personally, I would highly recommend reading the infamous Obey the Testing Goat book. This is an excellent book that teaches you many things aside from Test-Driven Development (TDD) using Django.

I do notice that a lot of people are often discouraged by the fact that the book uses an old version of Django. However, I still recommend following through with the book using the latest version of Django, as you can learn how to debug better at the same time. You will get stuck at some point, but trust me, the struggle is very much worth it.

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