How To Find Legitimate Paid Surveys

There has been an explosion in the number of people interested in making money with paid online surveys. Unfortunately that trend has been accompanied by an increasing number of scam websites that take advantage of those opportunity seekers.

These scam operations will typically promise paid surveys to get your contact information so they can sell your email information to marketers which the end result is you get a lot of spam emails and no actual paid survey. Some of these companies will even try to get you to pay for getting a paid survey by requiring you to sign up for a product or service before you get paid.

It is very easy to find survey offers online. It isn’t always easy to tell the honest companies from the scams however. Here are three important tips to follow to help you find legitimate paid surveys as well as to avoid many of the scams.

1. Before signing up with any company read reviews of them. You can usually find reviews from many people who have already tried surveys you are considering. Most searches on Google will turn up many reviews you can read. Since you usually can’t rely on a single opinion I recommend reading several reviews by many people as well as different websites.

2. Just about every survey that is legitimate will begin with some simple questions to see if you qualify to take it first. This is because real surveys are almost always targeted to specific demographics. If these screening questions are missing that can be considered a red flag.

3. If you have to pay money or sign up for a product or service then it is likely a scam. Surveys should always be free to take. Remember they are there to pay you not the other way around.

While no system is going to be able to completely weed out the scams if you follow the tips in this article the odds will be much more in your favor for getting legitimate survey offers.

Source by Aaron Ballantyne

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