How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone


How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

Don’t have an iPhone or iPad in your hand to track your missing AirTags? No problem. You do have one other way, provided you own a Mac. The Find My app on macOS allows you to get the directions and even put your AirTags in Lost Mode.

While it’s true that you cannot set up a new AirTag without an iPhone or iPad at least for the moment, you can still access Find My features for your AirTags to a certain extent with your Mac. Sure, you cannot use it to play a sound on a nearby AirTag or take advantage of Precision Finding, but two of the most important functions are still available. Checking for directions and enabling Lost Mode are the options that you’d ultimately need when your AirTags go missing.

Therefore, if you only have your Mac with you at the moment, simply read along to learn how you can find your lost AirTags without an iPhone.

Finding AirTags Using Mac and Enabling Lost Mode

Support for the new AirTags was introduced with the macOS Big Sur 11.3 update. So, make sure your Mac is updated to that or later before proceeding with these steps:

  1. Press “Command + Space bar” on your keyboard and search for “Find My”. Click on the top result to open the app.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  2. Upon launching the app, you’ll be taken to the Devices section where you’ll be able to see your Find My-enabled Apple devices. AirTags don’t show up here, though. Head over to “Items” to view that information.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  3. Next, select your AirTag from the left pane and its exact location will be indicated on the map. If your AirTags isn’t within the range of any Apple devices, you will only be shown when and where it was last seen. Now, click on the AirTag icon from the map and then click on the “i” icon to access additional options.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  4. Now, click on Directions if you want the map directions to the location of your missing AirTag. However, if you only see the Last Seen location and you cannot find your AirTag there, click on “Enable” under Lost Mode.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  5. You’ll be shown what happens when you put your AirTag in Lost Mode. Click on “Continue”.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  6. Now, type in your phone number to share your contact information in case someone finds your AirTag. Click “Next” to continue. If your Mac is running macOS Big Sur 11.4 or later, you’ll have the option to use an email address instead in the same menu.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  7. Now, leave the Notify When Found option checked and click on “Activate”.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

That’s it. You’ve successfully put your missing AirTags in Lost Mode.

Turning Off AirTags Lost Mode on Mac

Once you find your AirTags, you’d want to remove the shared contact information since it’s no longer needed. Simply follow these instructions to exit Lost Mode:

  1. An AirTag that’s in Lost Mode will have a red lock below its icon as shown in the screenshot. Access the Find My options just like before and click on “Enabled” below Lost Mode.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

  2. Now, all you need to do is click on “Turn Off Lost Mode” to remove all the information you chose to share.

    How to Find Lost AirTags Without an iPhone

At this point, you can continue to use your AirTags normally.

The options that we discussed here are pretty much everything you have for AirTags in the macOS version of the Find My app. You cannot remove your AirTag or add a new one using your Mac. You’ll need to get your iPhone or iPad for that.

If the AirTag that’s missing is nearby, you’re at a serious disadvantage when you have just your Mac. While you’ll know that you’re at the same place as your AirTag from the map, you won’t be able to use features like Precision Finding or play a sound on your AirTag that would otherwise be possible with an iPhone.

If you’re someone who owns a Windows PC instead of a Mac, you’re currently out of luck because doesn’t yet support AirTags, though that should change shortly.

We assume you managed to locate your AirTags fairly easily without having an iPhone in hand. Do you use AirTags? What do you think of them? Share with us your first impressions on Apple’s new hardware and leave your valuable feedback in the comments section down below.


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