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Did you know that you can split or trim a video in Windows 10 Photos or Video Editor app? If not, this must be pleasantly surprising for you to know that you can trim out a section from your video in the Photos app. In this tutorial, I will be showing you the steps to trim the length of a video in Photos without using any external third-party tool. You can trim a single part from a video or you can also trim multiple parts of a video and then save them into one single video file. I will be discussing both methods in detail. So, let’s checkout!

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How to trim a video using Windows 10 Photos app

To simply cut out a part from a long video clip using the Photos app, you can follow these steps to trim your video length in the Photos app:

Launch Photos app, import the folder where you have saved input videos using the Import feature, and then select and open a video that you want to split. You can also open a video from the existing collection.

Now, you need to click on the button name Get creative with this video which is present at the top toolbar. And then, simply tap on the Trim option.

Next, first, you have to select the start point of the video from where you want to split the video.

Simply drag the first white pin to the start time. After that, select the ending point to the video by dragging the second white pin.

You can play the trimmed video to check the output. If the video is fine, click on the Save a copy button to export the trimmed video.

The video will be processed for some time and it will be saved in AVI video format.

This method will create a trimmed video at your default location.

Now, what if you want to trim multiple parts of a video and then join them into a single video clip? No worries! The below method will help you do that.

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Trim multiple parts of a video with Video Editor app

You can also split a video into several parts, then trim the video length of each part, and then export all trimmed videos to a video file. This can be done using the integrated Video Editor tool in the Photos app. Simply use the below steps to use this method:

You will be prompted to name the new video project. Enter the name and then click on the OK button.

The selected video will open up in the Video Editor. From here, select the video clip and then click on the Split option.

Next, select the part of the video you want to split and then click on the Done button.

The two split video clips will be created and added to the timeline. Similarly, you can further split a video into more parts.

Now, you can further trim the length of the divided video clips as you desire by clicking on the Trim button. Select start and finish points and then click on the Done button.

Similarly, you can trim the length of other video clips that you had split previously. Preview the output from its main interface.

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Finally, select the trimmed videos from the timeline and then click on the Finish Video option. It will ask you to choose output video quality (1080p, 720p, or 540p) and hardware acceleration option.

Select the options accordingly and then tap on the Export option. And then, provide output location and filename to save the final video.

This will save a single video containing all trimmed parts of a video that you created previously.

That’s it!

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How to trim videos using Windows 10 Photos app

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