How to turn off Mac phone calls temporarily or permanently


Tired of being interrupted by phone calls ringing through from your iPhone on your computer? Read along for how to turn off Mac phone calls, both temporarily and permanently.

If you’re seeing all your phone calls come through on your Mac and find it distracting or just not useful, there are a couple of options to turn them off.

If you like having the capability to sometimes make and receive phone calls on your desktop or notebook but need to have focused time on your Mac, you can turn on Do Not Disturb. But we’ll also cover how to permanently turn off iPhone calls on Mac.

How to temporarily turn off Mac phone calls

  1. You can tell Siri to turn on Do Not Disturb
  2. Or click the Control Center button (double pill icon) in the top right corner of your Mac’s menu bar, then choose Do Not Disturb
  3. You can also head to System Preferences
  4. Choose Notifications > Do Not Disturb to set a schedule. You can also decide if you’d like repeated calls to come through. For more details on making calls with your Mac, check out our detailed guide.

Keep in mind using Do Not Disturb will silence all other notifications on your Mac too.

But if you just want to have phone calls on your Mac turned off totally, follow along below.

How to permanently turn off Mac phone calls

  1. On your Mac, open the FaceTime app
  2. Click FaceTime in the menu bar then choose Preferences…
  3. In the middle of the window (Settings tab) uncheck the box next to Calls From iPhone
  4. Alternatively, on your iPhone you can head to:
    1. Settings > Phone > Calls on Other devices
    2. Tap the toggle next to your Mac to turn off calls

Here’s how both processes look:

How to turn off Mac phone calls walkthrough 1

Now, look for the checkbox next to “Calls from iPhone.”

How to turn off Mac phone calls walkthrough 2

And here’s how you can turn off calls of your Mac from iPhone:

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