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HTML & CSS Full Course – Beginner to Pro

HTML & CSS Full Course – Beginner to Pro

Certificates are now available! https://courses.supersimple.dev/courses/html-css
🎓 Enroll to get a Certificate of Completion and an elevated learning experience (breakdown into smaller videos covering specific topics, ad-free content, and progress tracking).
✅ Don’t worry if you’re halfway through the course or finished the course, you can skip the lessons you already finished and take the final test to get your Certificate.
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In this full course, we learn how to build websites with HTML and CSS, and get started as a software engineer.
Exercise solutions: https://supersimple.dev/courses/html-css-course#exercises
Copy of the code: https://supersimple.dev/courses/html-css-course#code
HTML and CSS reference: https://supersimple.dev/html

0:00 Intro
1:02 1. HTML Basics
17:42 2. CSS Basics
44:39 3. Hovers, Transitions, Shadows
1:03:10 4. Chrome DevTools & CSS Box Model
1:17:30 5. Text Styles
1:52:18 6. The HTML Structure
2:11:08 7. Images and Text Boxes
2:25:42 8. CSS Display Property
2:34:58 9. The div Element
2:46:55 10. Nested Layouts Technique
3:16:58 11. CSS Grid
3:43:58 12. Flexbox
4:15:21 13. Nested Flexbox
4:44:36 14. CSS Position
5:07:14 15. Position Absolute and Relative
5:33:49 16. Finish the Project
6:07:46 17. More CSS Features
6:30:21 Outro

Additional Information:
This HTML CSS full course is a series of HTML CSS tutorials, teaching the major skills that we need to create complex websites. Each HTML CSS tutorial builds on a project and provides some HTML CSS exercises to practice what we learned. By the end, we’ll learn the basics of web development and we’ll be on our way to becoming a web developer and software engineer.

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