Home Networking I'm Comfortable Not Owning Ubisoft Games – WAN Show January 19, 2024

I'm Comfortable Not Owning Ubisoft Games – WAN Show January 19, 2024

I'm Comfortable Not Owning Ubisoft Games – WAN Show January 19, 2024

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:07 Intro
1:38 Topic #1 – Ubisoft claims users are comfortable with not owning games
1:54 Linus lists down Ubisoft’s launcher naming history
4:07 Ubisoft Classic & Premium, pricing, games published, Luke’s hot take
6:02 Linus’s FP exclusive interview with Terren the CEO,
7:27 Tremblay’s quote, Linus mentions CDs, streaming services
13:12 Game servers that were shut down, company trust, Ubisoft’s stock & finances
22:26 Linus mentions Nvidia, Intel, gambling, countries’ funds, Pentagon’s $52,000 trash can
30:49 Swen Vincke on the future of games, games, movies, gaming on keyboard
41:03 BG3 criticized for not joining the subscription model ft. Lip slip
42:54 Topic #2 – SSD shortage expected to increase SSD prices by up to 50%
44:03 How do you deal with these shortages? ft. Linus’s retired LEGO set, games
51:07 LTTStore’s “The Steve” turtleneck ft. Linus’s new profile picture
53:22 Linus’s Steve Jobs in a past NCIX video, history of controversy
58:19 Merch Messages #1
58:50 Where is the tech industry going? Dealing with pessimism?
1:03:00 Which LMG video do you want to serve as a future resource for techies?
1:07:58 Floatplane dies
1:08:29 Topic #3 – Research shows search engines are getting worse
1:11:12 Luke mentions articles, Linus on site subscriptions, Wikipedia’s revenue
1:18:02 Linus mentions Apple’s alleged habits, Luke on its worth
1:19:21 Topic #4 – Google blames slow YouTube videos loading on extensions
1:21:04 Adblock’s past buffer bug, Luke on people jumping on the hate wagon
1:24:06 Google Incognito, Canary’s “more privately” change
1:26:22 Sponsors
1:26:41 Divoom Pixoo64 pixel art display
1:28:09 AG1
1:29:20 Odd Pieces puzzles
1:31:55 Merch messages #2
1:32:01 Screen time & social media’s impact on mental health?
1:33:16 Linus’s favorite gadgets? ft. GamersGrass site
1:37:22 HDPLEX’s 500W GaN ATX PSU, do you see GaN PSUs in the consumer market?
1:40:14 LTT laptop bag & shoulder bag update? ft. Flocking machine, cable magnetic management, backpack relationship
1:43:26 Topic #5 – Fujitsu’s software causes huge blunders in UK post offices
1:49:40 Topic #6 – Haier threatens to sue home assistant plugin developer
1:55:32 Topic #7 – OpenAI’s new policy change, quietly removes ban on military use
1:56:24 Topic #8 – Alexa Plus, a new model with ChatGPT
1:57:34 Linus spells Alexa not to trigger it, Luke trolls Alexa users
1:58:34 Topic #9 – Apple Vision Pro lacks native apps
1:59:04 Linus’s idea on unsubscribing Arcade on Apple TV, valid credit card
2:01:52 Vision won’t be able to access top apps on the App Store, Luke gets Linus
2:04:58 Topic #10 – YouTube lays off 100 employees
2:05:31 Topic #11 – AMD’s Ryzen 8000G limits PCIe 40
2:07:39 Merch Messages #3 ft. dbrand sponsors WAN Show After Dark
2:09:21 Sarah Butt chose grass, dbrand non-MagSafe soon to release
2:11:30 Do you use a funky Windows login process?
2:13:26 Early days of LMG’s forum & community
2:16:12 How do Linus’s socks & sandals fair during the Canadian winter?
2:16:41 Automatic cleaning bots for the badminton center? ft. thewandb.com
2:19:38 Future bionic augments for your body, how far will you go?
2:26:36 Tips on effectively researching products before purchase?
2:29:18 Public roadmap for Floatplane?
2:29:31 Any features you wished Wikipedia had?
2:31:28 Why can’t you emulate CUDA on other hardware?
2:33:55 What would it take for a new WAN Show intro & set?
2:37:20 Alternatives for Ubiquiti?
2:38:35 If Nvidia buys ARM, do you think it can topple Intel & AMD?
2:40:47 Your opinion on the community porting Spiderman 2 to PC?
2:43:01 Progress on the water resistant ballcap?
2:43:13 Has Luke heard of TARKOV’S SPT?
2:45:11 When will LTT’s computer tech video come out?
2:45:43 Thoughts on algorithm-sorting network switches?
2:47:47 Advice on how to know what I’m doing as a software engineer?
2:48:09 Ever had external validation of your career from an unexpected person?
2:49:48 If SE remakes Final Fantasy VI, what approach should they take?
2:51:36 Luke on making a birb-rito
2:52:18 What advice does Linus have for starting a business in 2024?
2:53:51 Are you watching Knox Esports, or will you watch Badminton forever?
2:56:52 Any updates Linus would’ve done to his home network?
2:59:12 Why are ethically run companies so rare? Instill company ethics in new hires?
3:03:41 What game do you think was underhyped & overperforming this year? Which one killed the studio?
3:05:05 Outro



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