Improving The Usability Of An Ecommerce Solution – Stage 2, Splitting Up The Ordering Process

As we see an increase in web marketing, the share of valuable advertising is moving away from traditional methods such as tv, radio and print, the importance of creating an online business marketing strategy is top of the list for many companies. Creating an ecommerce solution for many store providers is vitally important for the growth of any store or business. Creating these ecommerce sites with ecommerce software has become a highly competitive market and choosing the right method and approach is very important to the success of the campaign.

Many successful online retailers have used usability techniques to gauge their customers and make the whole process of buying online a pleasurable experience and therefore increase their sales and conversions. Getting this procedure right is based upon techniques that need to be researched and tested to prove that their customers convert and don’t drop out at the shopping basket stage.

In this second stage we will look at the ordering process of your ecommerce solution and break this down into manageable parts for you to view and test. Getting these parts right will be fundamental to the success of your online business. A lot of ecommerce software make the ordering process far more complicated than it needs to be and therefore the website will lose customers because of the complexity of the ordering process.

The ordering process does not have to be complex and it is better off this way. Potential online customers have a massive choice of products and websites in which to place their order so you must make your ecommerce solution as user-friendly as possible. If you are using ecommerce software, which is now a highly recommended source because of the cost and management systems available, then the process should be broken down into manageable portions. A lot of older management systems offer a complex process but the new ecommerce software for your online business offers a more user-friendly checkout procedure. Entering username, delivery address, delivery method, payment options and then finally confirming the order is too much to do at once so this process must be broken up.

Breaking the process up into smaller sections allows the user or customer to tackle each step one at a time. This gives the user less to think about at each stage and less information to enter. By doing this the user is less likely to make mistakes and more likely to continue along the smaller order processing forms and finally confirm the order.

Many successful online retailers use the following ecommerce solution to create massive sales and generate repeat customers because of their small sized, broken up ecommerce procedures. They start with Login, creating their unique email address and password, next will be delivery address, followed by delivery options, the next part will be payment details and finally review and complete the order. The ecommerce solution takes 5 steps to set up on the first sale and can be broken down even further for repeat customers because of the details being saved on their ecommerce software.

Once the customer has used your website you will details, such as email and address to engage them in other marketing techniques such as email shots and direct mail. These are priceless for your marketing strategy and are key to the success of your online business. By generating a sale the potential for more sales increases massively as you are now a trusted seller and have gained the trust of the customer.

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