IS MY SECURITY OFFICER UNDERCOVER as Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister Imposter?!

The mystery neighbor Ellen is an undercover spy and you saw in Stephen Sharer last vlog “MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is ANGRY!! (She Ruined My Home Lemonade Stand)” ( that Ellen Mystery Neighbor is mad at Steven. Well today it appears the Sharer Fam security guard Alexa is undercover as mystery neighbor ellen. Thats right, Stephen Sharer security guard is an undercover agent acting to be mystery neighbor imposter twin sister. So this while time Ellen did not have a twin sister and it was Alexa undercover in disguise! Not only that but the undercover police officer Rusty showed up today as well and Alexa the security guard arrested him and threw him into jail so he can’t escape! But then Mystery neighbor ellen showed up as well! It was too much of a perfect timing and Alexa was caught undercover as Ellen by Keeley! So now Stephen Sharer wants to know if Alexa is a good security guard or bad?! Or is she just an undercover spy?

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Is the Mystery Neighbor Imposter a TWIN SISTER?

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