Home Networking Just Say No To Lawsuit – WAN Show January 12, 2024

Just Say No To Lawsuit – WAN Show January 12, 2024

Just Say No To Lawsuit – WAN Show January 12, 2024

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:15 Intro
1:56 Topic #1 – OpenAI responds to NYT’s lawsuit, states it’s “meritless”
5:04 Linus ironically suggests using ChatGPT for defense, Luke does it
5:46 Linus on LMG’s CES videos, discusses Intel’s Thunderbolt 5, WiFi 7, AI booths
10:21 Luke mentions some of ChatGPT’s defenses for OpenAI’s case
11:48 Topic #2 – Covering CES 2024
11:57 rabbit r1, a programmable AI assistant & commands device, why not make this an app?
17:32 Plaud Note AI, who needs this? Luke on external devices & sensitive information
23:42 Urtopia’s AI powered e-bike, Luke on hallucinations & AI integration
29:51 Alienware AW2725DF, 1440P 360Hz OLED, Linus mentions SC video & motion clarity
34:55 Nvidia G-SYNC Pulsar, motion clarity, Plouffe’s monitor, display size
40:25 MSI MEG 321URX, AI-powered QR-OLED monitor, cheating using the mini-map
46:07 TARKOV’s 11K ban wave, cheats & barrier of entry, Linus’s basement LAN
50:38 Hisense 110″ TV, double the peak brightness & dimming zones
51:35 Merch Messages #1
53:37 Monitor or TV for a bigger display upgrade? ft. AI grill, tech disappointment
1:03:35 The thinness, resolution, brightness & bezel war, Luke on Linus’s TV
1:11:28 Samsung The Wall, AI powered grill’s price & reasons to get it
1:13:49 AMD AM4 X3D & G series, Linus recommends used GPUs over entry cards
1:18:37 Nvidia’s RTX Super series, upselling behavior
1:23:14 Topic #3 – SAG-AFTRA’s agreement for AI digital voice, Steam on AI games
1:25:05 Linus declines covering Nvidia’s virtual bar, many companies lay offs
1:30:02 Linus on the negative impact of many games releasing at once
1:32:41 Sponsor – Wicked Cushions
1:37:42 Merch Messages #2
1:37:55 Google Workspace destroys data after hard deadline with no support
1:40:22 Can you talk a bit more about displays? ABL’s necessity? Draw & heat?
1:45:20 Using RFID name tags in the consumer space? ft. Biochip, the Bible
1:50:09 Topic #4 – eBay pays $3M over employees cyberstalking & harassment lawsuit
1:57:22 Quebec cops warn posting porch pirate videos “invades their privacy”
1:58:13 LTTStore’s new lounge pants, sizing guides
2:00:05 Last call to get the LTT CES 2024 T-shirt, hoodies stock deal
2:03:12 Topic #5 – Wacom & Wizard of the Coast apologizes over AI promotional images
2:05:58 Topic #6 – Twitch announces layoffs, 50% of original staff gone
2:06:27 Is Twitch done? Ingesting stream resolutions, Twitch’s unprofitability
2:08:49 Other companies lay offs, Linus on low money flow & interest rates ft. LayoffsFYI
2:13:04 Topic #7 – Valve takes down Portal64 & TF2 Source 2
2:14:29 Topic #8 – Video games are no longer the biggest entertainment medium in the UK
2:16:59 Topic #9 – Framework discloses data breach due to getting phished
2:24:24 Topic #10 – LG’s smart washing machine uses 36GB of data per day
2:26:07 Merch Messages #3
2:27:31 Non-AI products that stood up to you at CES? ft. Linus’s Super Chexx model
2:29:19 Linus’s racket specs, how do you get high-end rackets in Canada?
2:30:39 Origin PC’s envelopes, PPI MicroOLED VR display technology, LMG Southie’s comment
2:33:23 More live WAN Shows in the future with the LAN center?
2:34:23 AM4 lacks Winserver support, be the devil’s advocate on not buying EPYC?
2:35:43 If you could make or repeal laws, what would you do?
2:37:19 Advice to juggle being a father, a husband & working?
2:38:51 Favorite piece of tech that was ahead of its time & held that feeling?
2:39:35 What is MAC Address’s value with covering Apple? ft. Infants tech advices
2:42:26 Would Linus host classes or content on guidelines learnt from workflow?
2:44:45 Is it difficult to deal with people coming to you at events like CES?
2:49:29 Advice for not enjoying engineering for companies’ profits?
2:53:49 Have companies ever responded to Linus chastising them?
2:56:12 Luke’s thoughts on EoD being removed & his current stance on TARKOV?
3:00:10 How much has Luke’s experience with Pixel 8 reflected on Linus’s review?
3:01:04 Thoughts on the current state of the internet where 5 main sites are accessed?
3:02:55 Was Linus aware of Halo’s mouse aim assist? Is this good for FPS’ future?
3:03:28 Do you think Thunderbolt 5 is the push Intel GPUs needed?
3:04:23 Was Linus’s purchase of the TCL TV the only time he got buyer’s remorse?
3:05:50 Have you enjoyed tech for what it is instead of how to script a video around it?
3:06:51 Wishes you had for your loved ones? Long term goals? How do you stay organized?
3:10:32 One non-tech skill you’re proud of having or wished you had?
3:17:04 Does Luke think there’s a benefit in ITIL certification?
3:18:25 Who gave the best tech advice you weren’t expecting?
3:20:58 Outro



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