lan – How do I find, choose, and purchase a high performance wired router?

I’m setting up a network that will need to handle large amount of audio and video traffic in a live performance scenario. Internet access and security are not factors. The network is physically protected and there is no need or desire for WiFi.

In the consumer world, most routers are WiFi. I can find a few that aren’t. Some Ciscos. I already bought a microtik.

What I think I need to know is how to actually know and compare what the real throughput capabilities are of routers, and where to find and buy higher end routers than I seem to be finding when I search Google.

I haven’t been that impressed with the microtik. Works ok. But basically seems like consumer grade.

Maybe there’s no difference and I don’t need to look further? What should I be looking for to ensure I get maximum LAN bandwidth and minimum latency under constant heavy load?

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