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Linux Directories Explained in 100 Seconds

Linux Directories Explained in 100 Seconds

Linux is a cryptic labyrinth of directories defined my Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS). Learn the purpose of the most common Linux directories in 100 seconds https://fireship.io/tags/linux/

00:00 Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
00:10 /
00:15 /bin
00:30 /sbin
00:38 /lib
00:42 /usr/bin
00:54 /usr/local/bin
01:05 PATH
01:20 /etc
01:34 /home
01:58 /boot
02:02 /dev
02:12 /opt
02:17 /var
02:24 /tmp
02:29 /proc

#linux #dev #100SecondsOfCode

Linux https://fireship.io/tags/linux/
FHS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard

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