Home Make Money Online Make money blogging in 2023 ⎯ times have changed (advice from a six figure blogger) πŸ’Έ

Make money blogging in 2023 ⎯ times have changed (advice from a six figure blogger) πŸ’Έ

Make money blogging in 2023 ⎯ times have changed (advice from a six figure blogger) πŸ’Έ

Okaaay! We are about to dive into it! Money. Making money blogging in 2023. It’s updated, it’s hot outta the oven and extra fresh! 🌢️ 🀭

In this video, I’m sharing my honest advice for how I would monetize my blog if I were starting my blogging journey all over again.

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M Y V A L U E – S T U F F E D N E W S L E T T E R:
πŸ’Œ https://shedreamsallday.com/cozybizbites

F R E E S T U F F:

β—‹ FREE Email Marketing Guide: https://shedreamsallday.com/dream-roadmap
β—‹ FREE MASTERCLASS: How To Build Create Content & Build An Audience: https://shedreamsallday.com/shine
β—‹ FREE MASTERCLASS: How To Create & Launch An Online Course: https://shedreamsallday.com/masterclass
β—‹ FREE BLOGGING COURSE: https://bit.ly/31vAlpc

W O R K W I T H M E:

β—‹ Her Quiet Influence (build an audience online as an introvert): https://shedreamsallday.com/her-quiet-influence
β—‹ Her Passive Income Dream (create, launch & sell online courses):
β—‹ Dreamer To Blogger (step-by-step course for introverts): https://dreamertoblogger.com/
β—‹ Cozy Business Academy (group coaching): https://shedreamsallday.com/cba
β—‹ She Does Amazing Things (1:1 coaching): https://bit.ly/3ma2gGh

B I Z T O O L S I ❀️:

β—‹ *Bluehost for hosting: https://shedreamsallday.com/bluehost (In fact, I have a special 30% discount offer for YOU my lovely subscriber. You can get started with your blog for just $2.75 / month and get a FREE domain, yay!) 😍

β—‹ Legal bundles from certified lawyer: https://shedreamsallday.com/legal-bundle
β—‹ ConvertKit for email marketing: https://shedreamsallday.com/convertkit
β—‹ Leadpages for landing pages: https://shedreamsallday.com/leadpages
β—‹ OptinMonster for pretty pop-ups: https://shedreamsallday.com/optinmonster
β—‹ Divi for a beautiful blog theme: https://shedreamsallday.com/divi-theme
β—‹ iMark Interactive for WordPress help & maintenance: https://shedreamsallday.com/imark
β—‹ Tailwind for scheduling pins to Pinterest: https://shedreamsallday.com/tailwind
β—‹ Kajabi for creating your first digital course: https://shedreamsallday.com/kajabi

M Y Y O U T U B E G E A R πŸŽ₯

β—‹ Camera: https://amzn.to/3qj7SOW
β—‹ Microphone: https://amzn.to/3gNqHXr

S H O R T B I O:

I’m Mia! πŸ‘‹ a true introvert, dreamer, and business coach for my fellow introverts! I’m the founder of SheDreamsAllDay.com where I empower introverts to build successful businesses, shine online (with confidence), and chase dreams so they can live life on their own introverted terms – and work from the safe space of their own home all the while living a freedom-filled and extraordinary life.

That’s basically all I’m about. πŸ‘†

My motto: Quiet people can do amazing things

S A Y H I:

β—‹ The website: https://shedreamsallday.com
β—‹ Instagram: @miabrox
β—‹ Email: mia@shedreamsallday.com

*Disclaimer: This video contains affiliate links for Bluehost as well as the business tools I recommend here in the description. I only recommend services that I love and have used myself. Good vibes only. I promise! This video is NOT sponsored.



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