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Final week I described how simple it’s to make use of entry VLANs in netsim-tools. Subsequent step: VLAN trunks.

We’ll add two Linux hosts to the lab topology used within the earlier weblog publish, leading to two switches, two Linux hosts in crimson VLAN and two Linux hosts in blue VLAN.

Lab topology

Lab topology

Like within the earlier instance, we’ll use teams within the lab topology file to outline our gadgets. Members of the hosts group might be Linux containers, members of the switches group might be Arista EOS containers utilizing vlan configuration module:

Defining nodes and teams

supplier: clab

nodes: [ h1, h2, h3, h4 s1, s2 ]

    members: [ h1, h2, h3, h4 ]
    gadget: linux
    members: [ s1, s2 ]
    module: [ vlan ]
    gadget: eos

Subsequent, we’ll outline the VLANs. We want crimson and blue VLANs; as earlier than, netsim-tools will assign 802.1q tags to VLANs as wanted.

Defining VLANs


Lastly, we want hyperlinks between nodes. Entry VLANs with be outlined on swap interfaces. Record of VLANs within the VLAN trunk might be outlined on the hyperlink itself, because it applies to all nodes related to the trunk. Be aware that we’re working with VLAN names and don’t have to fret in regards to the VLAN 802.1q tags.

Defining hyperlinks

- h1:
    vlan.entry: crimson
- h3:
    vlan.entry: blue
- s1:
  vlan.trunk: [ red, blue ]
- h2:
    vlan.entry: crimson
- h4:
    vlan.entry: blue

And that’s all you must do. Execute netlab up and revel in your first multi-VLAN lab.

Listed here are the related components of Arista cEOS configuration (for the 2 readers who nonetheless don’t have a working netsim-tools setting):

Arista cEOS multi-VLAN configuration

spanning-tree mode mstp
vlan 1000
   title crimson
vlan 1001
   title blue
interface Ethernet1
   mac-address 52:dc:ca:fe:05:01
   switchport entry vlan 1000
interface Ethernet2
   mac-address 52:dc:ca:fe:05:02
   switchport entry vlan 1001
interface Ethernet3
   description s1 -> s2
   mac-address 52:dc:ca:fe:05:03
   switchport trunk allowed vlan 1000-1001
   switchport mode trunk
interface Vlan1000
   description VLAN crimson (1000) -> [h1,s2,h2]
   ip deal with
interface Vlan1001
   description VLAN blue (1001) -> [h3,s2,h4]
   ip deal with

Need to run this lab by yourself, or strive it out with completely different gadgets? No drawback:


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