Nitr0 explains move to Team Liquid CS:GO, what happened to 100 Thieves Valorant

Cannella: At the time that I decided to swap to “Valorant” I was, quote unquote, the biggest name that swapped, or most achieved from “Counter-Strike” at least, not considering other games like “Overwatch.” At the end of the day, me going to “Valorant” was a pretty good story line for that community. But now, deciding to go back to “Counter-Strike,” it’s even more interesting for people because they’re like, “Oh, is he going to be bad? Is he going to be washed up?” For me, that’s pretty exciting — knowing that people are even thinking about it, that they’re going to be watching me to see how I’m performing, to see how the scene is doing. It’s not too often that you see a person swap games and be pretty good at both.

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