Paid Surveys – Which is Better PayPal Or a Check?

People love to think that their opinions matter, but lets get real — the reason most people take survey online is for the rewards. Most people, in fact, want to get paid. So, when you narrow down the survey companies who will pay you cash, or give you cash options for your points earned, which is better: the companies that pay via Paypal, or the ones that pay by check?

The answer to the above question is “it depends”. When a company pays via Paypal, it is usually a faster payment because it is electronically transferred and there is very little chance of it getting lost. The downside to Paypal, however, is that you must have a Paypal account linked to your bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, or simply cannot get one right now, this option will not work for you. Getting paid by check is not really all that bad though. You do have the wait time of the postal service, so that means you may have to wait a little longer to get it, but if you don’t have a bank account you can take a check instead and cash it just about anywhere. Many teens take are able to take advantage of surveys and take checks (and Visa gift cards) as payments instead of maintaining a bank account.

So which it better? It depends on you. The are both great ways to get paid — cash is cash, no matter how you receive it. The real key is to check out the payment processing times on the sites, because even though a site pays by Paypal, they may not process your payment for weeks. If you need cash fast, always double check your survey companies site to see what their payment processing times are. You can usually find it in the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) sections.

Source by C.D. Watson

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