Problems when configuring VLAN on Arista vEOS Router


I’m setting up a network on GNS3 with the end goal of configuring VxLAN. I routed 3 Arista vEOS router together and each of them has a host attached. With basic L3 routing, everything works. I need every host to be in VLAN 100. To do so, I moved the eth12’s (directly connected to a host) IP address to VLAN 100’s interface, put eth12 in switchport access mode, and made sure that everything was up and running.
Here are the exact configs I used:

ip routing
vlan 100
name host
state active
int vlan 100
ip add
no shut
int eth12
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 100
no shut

When I enter “show ip int brief”, eth12 is up/up with no ip address assigned and VLAN 100 is down/lowerlayerdown. When I enter “show vlan”, VLAN 100’s only port is Cpu (no idea what that is). There is also no connectivity between host and router

This is my first time working on something like this and I followed Arista’s documentation as best as I could. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but I couldn’t find anything else out here.


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