Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – Exam EX300 – 8. System Maintenance

The performance-based Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam (EX300) tests to determine if your knowledge, skill, and ability meet those required of a senior system administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification is required to earn RHCE certification. This course will provide specific examples that will help you prepare for the RHCE exam with RedHat.

1. Configure Networking (04:46)
2. Hostname Resolution (05:12)
3. Using Cron (05:10)
4. Booting to Runlevels Automatically (02:17)
5. Using Kickstart (03:11)
6. Allowing Virtual Guests (01:53)
7. Installing RHEL as a Virtual Guest (03:04)
8. Launching Virtual Systems at Boot (01:54)
9. Network Services Running at Boot (06:17)
10. Running a Web Server (08:35)
11. Running a Default FTP Server (04:12)
12. Installing Red Hat Packages (02:17)
13. Updating Red Hat Packages (04:29)
14. Creating a Repository (06:35)
15. Updating the Kernel (04:38)
16. Making Boot Loader Changes (04:43)

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