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Security Awareness Episode 2: Data Handling

Security Awareness Episode 2: Data Handling

Adobe, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and Speechless have partnered to bring you a series of security awareness videos. The plan is to release one video every other month starting November 2019. A total of eight videos will be released.

The use of data helps make our lives more convenient and streamlined which likely means the proliferation of online data and devices are here to stay. There is one best practice that each of us can apply that will help personal data stay more secure – only share on a need-to-know basis.

Information beyond name and email such as birthdate and address should not be provided freely as a best practice – you should only provide this information to trusted companies with which you have an established relationship.

Learn more about how to protect your data and identity in our latest security awareness video: Episode 2 – Data Handling.



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