Home Cloud Computing Serverless was a big mistake… says Amazon

Serverless was a big mistake… says Amazon

Serverless was a big mistake… says Amazon

Amazon Prime Video released an article explaining how they saved 90% on cloud computing costs by switching from microservices to a monolith. Let’s examine the details of their software architecture and find out why serverless was a bad choice.

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šŸ”— Resources

Prime Video Serverless Article https://www.primevideotech.com/video-streaming/scaling-up-the-prime-video-audio-video-monitoring-service-and-reducing-costs-by-90
Majestic Monolith https://m.signalvnoise.com/the-majestic-monolith
AWS for the Haters https://youtu.be/ZzI9JE0i6Lc

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– Pros and Cons of serverless
– Serverless pitfalls
– AWS lambda vs EC2
– What is a microservice
– How to save money on AWS
– Startups that have left the cloud



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