Home Systems Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners | Shell Scripting & Bash Script Course

Shell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners | Shell Scripting & Bash Script Course

Shell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners | Shell Scripting & Bash Script Course

Shell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners | Shell Scripting & Bash Script Course

00:00:00 – Course Overview
00:01:07 – Intro to Shell Programming
00:05:51 – Intro to file and permission
00:15:09 – Basic Shell Program(Hello World)
00:19:49 – Variables in SHELL/BASH
00:25:47 – System Defined Variables in BASH
00:31:21 – User Defined Variables in Shell/Bash
00:37:52 – Special Variables in SHELL/BASH
00:42:37 – Arithmetic Operators in Shell/Bash
00:46:40 – Relational Operators in Shell/Bash
00:50:35 – Boolean Operators in Shell/Bash
00:55:02 – String Operators in Shell/Bash
00:59:19 – File Test Operators in Shell/Bash
01:04:28 – IF The Decision Making Statements in Shell/Bash
01:10:04 – Case The Decision Making Statements in Shell/Bash
01:13:44 – Into to Looping in Shell Scripting
01:17:34 – The While Loop in Shell Scripting
01:20:34 – The For loop in shell Scripting
01:23:29 – The Until Loop In Shell Scripting
01:26:25 – MAC Changer in Shell Scripting
01:35:16 – private IP using shell Scripting
01:42:34 – Nmap Scanner using Shell Programming
01:47:53 – Monitor mode Switcher Using Shell Scripting

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